Summer of 2019

The year is half over and I’m making progress. I’ve been living in the desert for a couple of years and I’m still settling in and unpacking. Work is being done on the house and I’m working a full time job but I have found a studio space to do glass work and I’m getting my jewelry shack set up at home. I’ve grown impatient in this last year as I am ready to do my real work again. It feels good to be making beads, upgrading and updating my bead lines and just playing in the torch. I’m getting back my art show legs. I’ve done a couple of shows up in Idyllwild this summer with 2 more to go next month. I got back in the studio briefly to record some cello tracks with Carla Olson this summer. I’m looking forward to hearing the finished project. Things are taking shape and while I’d like it to happen faster I am happy that things are happening at all. Added to the mix, some health issues to deal with that aren’t too serious now but if I don’t get them under control they will really affect my quality of life as I age.

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One thought on “Summer of 2019”

  1. Hi Joyce,

    I am glad that you are getting back into your other studio art work. I hope that your health improves. As a refresher, I met you when you used to come to Culver City for the Bead Society events.

    Warm Wishes,

    Francine Leonard
    Life Conscious Energy
    Berkeley, California

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