Photo by Heidi Calvert.

Music is my first love.

I’ve taken a long meandering path through the world of music. From youth symphonies to rock bands, record store employee to record company employee. Always playing while keeping that day job. Recording, touring, playing dive bars and performing arts establishments. Collaborating with known and unknown artists. Somehow I never managed to release my own music except for a 45 rpm single on red vinyl in 1983 called “Top Secrets”. It was about 2003 when I set up my first laptop studio and started tinkering with sounds and recording my own compositions. There has been a lot of ebb and flow as I am always a working woman either for myself  or for the man. Over the past 15 years or so I’ve produced many pieces of music not to mention the 20 years before that. I’ve got a catalog that needs to be released someday. 

The Cockpits. Photo by Edie Maitland